Despite a reported 20.5 million unemployed Americans, a new report from job search platform Glassdoor, Glassdoor Economic Research, examined the job market. Yes, the need for some workers has declined and the number of unemployed translates to a 30% drop in employment during the pandemic, but certain jobs are actually surging in demand - including "IT Specialists."

Latest Tech Hiring Trends Amidst COVID-19

In today’s digital age, you would be naive to think that hiring managers and recruiters are only considering your resume and interviews when making their hiring decisions. This especially rings true for IT professionals, whose job often demands a stronger command of the digital space. LinkedIn makes it easy to […]

How Recruiters Secretly Evaluate Tech Pros

Like so many things in life, it all comes down to managing expectations and open communication! This is also very important to remember in the hiring process. There are plenty of brilliant and talented developers out there that are capable of doing amazing things but lack the ability to communicate […]

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