How Recruiters Secretly Evaluate Tech Pros

Recruitment, recruit, recruiter.

In today’s digital age, you would be naive to think that hiring managers and recruiters are only considering your resume and interviews when making their hiring decisions. This especially rings true for IT professionals, whose job often demands a stronger command of the digital space. LinkedIn makes it easy to see mutual connections and dig in to some reference checks before they even have a phone call with you. Your Facebook profile pic of you at that pool party, three sheets to the wind, may not be the best choice if you are in the market. Plug your name in to a search engine to make sure you don’t have anything possibly controversial out there about you. And don’t forget that every person you encounter at a company can influence the hiring decision, even if they are in a completely different department (be especially nice to the receptionist)! From big data to seemingly casual encounters that turn out to be an interview, don’t let your guard down. Recruiting and hiring managers have all sorts of tools and tricks up their sleeve to dig deep.


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