Article Share: I Accept … The Ethics of Accepting a Job Offer


Have you been there before? You’ve been offered a new opportunity and you jump on it right away without much thought. Perhaps it’s a job you truly love or maybe it’s just the only thing you’ve got going right now. Then you get a call back on something you thought was dead in the water and are faced with multiple offers. If you’ve already made a commitment on one, please think long and hard before backing out because the ramifications of changing your mind (especially last minute) are endless. You may not personally feel the effects right away but believe me, it will come back to you in the end.


This is a subject that is so important to myself and every other recruiting and hiring authority I know. I think sometimes people sincerely don’t realize the domino-effect your choice has. Check out this article (click for link) and hopefully you will think twice next timeā€¦




  1. Don’t burn bridges (I don’t care how big of a city/industry you think you are in, the world is truly small)
  2. You must give respect to earn respect
  3. What goes around comes around
  4. Integrity is everything!