Ten Fatal Interviewing Mistakes That Lead To Bad Hires



A bad hire isn’t necessarily a bad candidate. It can merely be someone who was not appropriately matched with the role. The blame for a bad hiring decision most often lies completely on the shoulders of the hiring manager. We know time is short, there are deadlines to meet, and it’s important to get a role filled ASAP when you have a vacancy. However, the cost of a bad hire is insane.

I just came across thisCost-of Mis-Hire (click for link) Calculator to give you an idea:

This article (click for link) goes in to the top 10 mistakes managers make that can lead to a bad hire. It’s so important to not only have the manager prepared to avoid these mistakes but everyone else involved in the interview process! A little extra time up front can literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run!